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Day 5

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Western University
English 2230F/G

Uh That Poetics Class Day 5 probably Terms - Anaphora: repeating the same thing at the beginning of lines - Lyric Poems: brief, emotive, subjective frozen moments in time - Biographical Fallacy: bringing in the authors identity - Anti-lyric: the subject is under question o No centralized subject The New Critic - 1920s-1970s (though barely in 1970s only in some parts in America - Each piece of literature had it’s own organic unity o All of the parts worked together to create meaning  Create meaning, Foucault discourse oh god - Subjective poems have a subject (an “I”) o This perspective is the voice (the speaker) - Leave out the identity of the poet o People don’t know if a poem is about the poet or not so they examine the poem within itself o Biographical fallacy – assuming a poem is about a poet/failing to forget about the poet o Can’t have a dead poet o Zombie poets  Guhhhnnhhhnnnnngghh  Burrhhhungnggg  Kllluuurrraaaaghhhh  Fffflllllshhhhhhhhhhhhh  Brains What Came After New Criticism  Poststructrualism - Post-structuralists Theories - Set of strategies after the 1960s - Includes o Deconstruction  Theory of language, knowledge, and also reality o Psychoanalytic theories o Historical theories  Foucault o Political Theories - Things they questioned
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