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Day 4

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Western University
English 2230F/G

English 2330G Sonnets Day 4 of a lot Terms - Sonnet o 14 lines of iambic pentameter o Petrarchan (Italian)  Divided into an octave and a sestet o Shakespearean Sonnet  Three quatrains and then a rhyming couplet - Octave is the first eight lines - Sestet is the last six - Paradox o Something that is illogical o Two opposing pieces - Verbal Irony o What you say is the opposite of what you mean o Usually happens in sarcasm - Situational Irony o When everything leads up to one thing and then at the end it’s different - Ambiguity o the text means 2 different things at the same time - Lexical Ambiguity o It’s basically a pun o Sound fancy by saying that - The New Criticism - 1920s-1950s and it eased off gently by the 1960s - Treated the text as a separate entity, a piece of literary language o An artefact if you will o How poetic language created meaning and effected the audience - Ignored the biography of the poet - Also ignored political overtones and undertones - Divorced literary texts from their contexts o Aside from literature - Really like lyric poetry o How voice or a voice was created Overheard Utterance - The illusion of voice - A subjective, emotional moment - As if it’s being uttered by a speaker - A moment frozen in time John Donne’s Bat
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