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Western University
Engineering Science
Engineering Science 1036A/B
Quazi Rahman

OutlineBasic terminology for computersES 1036 Programming FundamentalsProblemsolving methodology for engineering problemsUnit 2 Basic Terminology and problem solving stepsThere are no secrets to success It is the result of preparation hard workand learning from failureColin PowellDr Quazi M RahmanPhD PEng SMIEEEOffice Location TEB 361Email QRAHMANenguwocaPhone 5196612111 x813992Basic terminologyES1036 QMRES1036 QMRWinter 2013DefinitionsDefinitions contHardwareComputerRefers to the computer equipment eg keyboard mouse terminal hard disk printerProgrammable machine designed to followprocess instructions at an enormous speedSoftwareRefers to the computer programsComputer Program Also known as softwareExample An operating system is a software that A list of instructions directing the computer to provides a convenient and efficient interface between the user and the hardwareperform a taskComputer systemThe combination of hardware and software3Basic terminology4Basic terminologyES1036 QMRES1036 QMRES1036 QMRES1036 QMRWinter 2013Winter 2013Computer HardwareComputer Hardware contCPU Central Processing UnitInternalExternalMemoryMemoryControl Unit CUControls the computer resources also called ProcessorCUArithmetic and Logic Unit ALU Performs mathematical OutputInputoperationsALUCPU5Basic terminology6Basic terminologyES1036 QMRES1036 QMRES1036 QMRES1036 QMRWinter 2013Winter 2013
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