Environmental Science 1021F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Global Cooling, Hockey Stick, Ocean Acidification

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Climate Denial
Climate Denial the scientific
Denial and Skepticism
Major part of the scientific process
if youre skeptical you would discuss this with the scientist that
no sufficient evidence means you are in denial
both need to stem from the scientific process and need to come from conclusions in a
scientific act
also room for the scientifically literate, and scientists from unrelated fields, to have
opinions but you are an observer, not a contributor to the weight of evidence
o if you are not from the same field then you are more than welcome to come
forward to be skeptical but not in the right place to be in denial
A Healthy Analogy
Idea that science operates on the spectrum
Complex theories imply there are going to be uncertainties and a question of what
causes what
Series of probabilities is how we come to conclusions with healthy ideals
We know strong relationships but when asked to provide specific terms in the
relationships they do not exist because of the nature of science
Multiple lines of evidence indicating how our climate warms and reacts to many types of
The Anthropogenic Theory of Climate Change
Human driven climate change is the most accurate, and evidence based explanation for
earths urret situatio
Unscientific Denial and Skepticism
No discussion of bloggers, news media people, scientists, etc. involved in the study
Not all skepticism or denial of the anthropogenic theory is scientific
Disagreements are strongly outside of the climate change community
Many individuals chose individuals points of data, or conclusions and interpret then to
question the link between human actions and climate
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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