Environmental Science 1021F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Rachel Carson, Bald Eagle, Earth Day

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American Experience – Earth Days
1. What are the differences in lifestyle, experience and outlook on life between the generation that
grew up during the Great Depression and the generation that grew up in the 1950’s, after World War
oIn the Great Depression they learned to live simply and off of the earth and learned to
conserve because that was the only way to survive.
oEverybody thought that they could be rich after the war because the war provided and
economic boom.
oAmericans want/do to believe in a future that is better than the past.
2. What factors and attitudes contributed to the development of the car culture and abandonment of
public transit after WWII?
oThe automobile culture began to gain strength because no one thought the oil/gas would run
out, they thought they would continuously be finding it forever.
oThe air began to get smoggy; they had to cancel baseball games because of the air and the
overuse of automobiles and trains.
3. What invention/discovery was deemed the salvation of humanity, but also lead to reliance on
oThe atom.
4. What president supported and backed Rachel Carson? What was the response of industry/scientists?
oPresident Kennedy and his scientific team believed that Rachel Carson’s findings and
conclusions were sound and correct and backed her claims up.
oShe pointed out the overuse of the pesticides, the chemical industry called her a hysterical
woman and said she was distorting the facts and had no scientific evidence to back her
claims up.
oShe believed that human had to find a balance with nature, while scientists believed that they
had complete control over nature.
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