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Lecture 11

Environmental Science 1021F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Volatile Organic Compound, Sea Spray, Photosynthesis

Environmental Science
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Geoff Stewart

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November 2nd, 2012
Air Part 1
The Atmosphere
!-4 different levels
!-varying contents, temperature, pressure
!-lower in the atmosphere, higher the pressure
!!-a result of gravity
!-fairly thick
!-less water vapour, less matter than troposphere
!-but has more good ozone
!!-good ozone is good b/c in stratosphere, protects from UV rays
!!-oxygen + UV sun = good ozone
!-the air we breath
!-where weather occurs
!-relatively the skin of an apple
!-important for recycling of nutrients
!!-biogeochemical cycles
!!!-nitrogen, phosphorus, CO2 come from atmosphere
!!!-just as important as detritivores in recycling nutrients
!!-nitrogen, oxygen, water vapour, CO2, argon (greatest to least)
!!!-first 4 are greenhouse gases
!-bad ozone, ground level ozone
!!-VOCs + NO(x) + sun = bad ozone
!!-volatile organic compounds + nitrogen oxide + sun = bad ozone
!!!*VOCs in cleaners, cosmetics, paint varnish
!!!*NO from burning fossil fuels
Air Pollution
!-bad ozone is a pollutant, good ozone isn’t
!-pollutant = any chemical that at a high enough level will cause damage
!-three main sources:
!!-mobile- anything that’s moving that pollutes
!!-stationary- not moving, like factories
!!-natural- dust, VOCs from plants, plant decay, forest fires, volcanoes, sea
!!spray-->sea mist contains salt!
!-when each source emits a pollutant, it is considered a primary pollutant
!!-same form as when it’s released
!-but when in atmosphere, pollutants interact
!!-new pollutants are created! --->secondary pollutants
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