environmental science lecture 2 notes

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Environmental Science
Environmental Science 1021F/G
Geoff Stewart

Environmental Group VS Green Political Parties High concern for environment among public decreasing trendMembership some overlapConcern inadequately reflected in politics o Should be crossclass non partisan Environmental groups can influence politics of all partieso Campaigning action lobbying o Varied interestsgoals inconsistent unstructured It is high but it has had a decreasing trend which showed up during the Global Economic Crisis When we talk about environmental groups and politics we dont see a cross over between the membership of those who have high concern for the environment and political parties Environmental issues should be crossclass and not about just one political party The environment affects everyone These groups can shape politics Rarely politicians will make decisions when there is backing of the majority of the public Environmental Movement No one environmental movemento Highlights dissatisfaction on many fronts o Divides and brings people togethero Grass roots movement Varied political approaches
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