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Film Studies 1020E Lecture Notes - Citizen Kane, Han Solo, Princess Leia

Film Studies
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Film Studies 1020E
Peter Brunette

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Narrative Principles
3 November 2011
Telling a Story:
"Asked what he wished for the film industry at large, Mr. Spielberg in his email
said he would like ton see as much apassion devoted to stroytelling and "the
discovery of new voices" as has gone toward the quest for new technologies"
- New York Times, October 2011
- narrative startede with illterature
Citizen Kane:
- Kane as a child
- adopted
- Kane as budding newspaper proprietor
- 1st marriage
- success in business....
- Kane's death montage
- newsreel reporting
- journalists' discussion
- Flashback to Kane's child...
- what happens in the film chronologic
- changes the way we look at the film
- suspense, mystery, interest
- singularity of the hero
- one who stands out from the crowd
- larger than life
Character Development:
Han Solo:
- smuggler
- self-interest, money motivated
- meets Luke and Leia
- develops sympathy with rebel struggle...
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