Film Studies 1020E Lecture Notes - Marcel Duchamp, Film Poster, Surrealism

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Published on 27 Nov 2011
Experimen Tal Film
24 November 2011
- why the fuck are we being shown things on the screen?
Self Reflexivity:
- look straight at the camera
- focus on vision, media as central themes of you movie
- movies that have a little bit of anything
- power to shock
- out of the ordinary
The Historical Avande Garde:
Historical Shift:
- 1910s - the 1920s - the Historical Avande Garde
- How It Feels to Be Run Over (1900)
- experimental process
- doing different things with the new media
- cinema of attraction
- it is meant to show
- it addresses us
- no plot and it acknowledge the audience
- no characters or narrative, get us a shock
- key art movement
- experimentalism in different art forms (movies, audio, paint, ect)
- shows progress and free from nature
- from nature and to overpower it
- modernity (progress)
- Ballet Mecanique, 1924
- celebrates the process of industrial
Modernity: Enslavement:
- Modern Times, 1936
- it also enslaves man
- we work for the machine
- perhaps no play
- the directors are creative artist
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