Film Studies 1020E Lecture Notes - The Impossible Voyage, Steadicam, Racking Focus

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Cinematography 2
29 September 2011
- exam on week 7, key words/short answers definitions, short answers about
terms concept about a movie
- October 19th
- no multiple choice
- there will be a review
Animation and Special Effects:
- early animation (Melies, The Impossible Voyage)
- coloured film cell, basic animation
- Mickey Mouse (Steamboat Willy, 1928)
- sound was used for the first time
- Toy Story (computer generated film, 1995)
- arthouse animation, Deminion in Dialogue (Svankmayer, 1983)
- have a reality look from clay
- very different from a Disney cartoon
Special Effects
- special effects add visuals to the screen
- process shots (the matte shot), change what is seen, it can add figures
- CGI special effects (computer generated images)
Mini Quiz (fined defintion):
- rack focus
- hand-held camera (16mm)
- steadicam
- usuall zoom out
- pan and scan
Significane of the Image: Presence/Text:
- we see how they work, and add artists meaning to what we see
- "M" was a groundbreaker for cinematography
- good films represent the world, in an artistic way
- presentation:
- shows us a realism feel ("Gladiator" in Rome)
- they are symbols that have meaning in the film
- we can read of the images
- presentation of the image, living for us right there
- represenation:
- can carry interpretation
Image of Presence:
- a close identification with the POV of the image
- a responce of the image that is primarily emotion
- phenomenological (invoking a bodily reaction, hatred, ect.)
- psychological (image of presence, images of horror, emotion response
Image as Text:
- an emotional distancing of the viewer from the image
- a reaction to the image that is primarily analytic
- an experienc of the image as artifice or as constructed like a written statement
or an aesthic object to be interpreted
Aesthetic and the Semiotic:
- gives a real feel, but a mysterious feel
- confusion to the image
- we can interpritate the image to foreshadow the up coming events
- aesthetic - foregrounds an artistic ojbect
- semiotic - a puzzle/code that needs to be solve
- depends on what youre saying about any particular instance of the film under