Film Studies 1022 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Digital Cinematography, Chungking Express, Wally Pfister

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Film 1022: Lecture 11: Monday October 24th, 2016
Impressionist Cinematography in Chungking Express
Impressionist Cinematography in Chungking Express
Monday October 24th, 2016
What does a cinematographer (director of photography) do?
Cinematography highlights from classical Hollywood to Hollywood in the 1990s
Film or digital cinematography?
Visions of Life
- a documentary in which famous cinematographers discuss their work
When technology changed from film to digital, the aesthetics changed in some ways, and did not in others
Do each medias have their own specificities?
Crayon and oil art are both different but they can both be utilized to create effect
Wally Pfister: “I’m not gonna trade my oil paints for a set of crayons.”
Digital approach has radically altered the filmmaking process
It is cheaper to produce film because celluloid is expensive
Actors get an unlimited amount of attempts at a take
Digital video is instant - you can rewatch a take immediately
Editing is much different - you have more footage to cut down
Anyone can do it - more accessible
Chungking Express
Has two dueling narratives
Slightly cross over into each other in moments but overall barely intersect
Largely unconnected
Unfocused, unstable
One story is more intricate and longer than the other, creating imbalance
Imbalance: a major theme in this movie
Shown through narrative
Shown through camerawork
Sense of looseness in terms of how they’re told
Seems haphazardly thrown together
Narrative is fractured
Depictions of time and space are loose and elastic
Cause and effect is unclear and unexplained
Never strays far from its most prominent motif: time
Anxieties about deadlines and expiration dates
Missed opportunities
Repetition and routine
Necessity of change and being stuck in the past in spite of this
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