Film Studies 1022 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: New Hollywood, Chappaquiddick Incident, Warren Commission

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Sound Fidelity in Blow Out
Tuesday November 8th, 2016
New Hollywood (1970s)
In the 1960s, Hollywood went bankrupt and had to make major changes
People fresh out of the first generation who had film school were fresh out of college
They entered the industry as knowledgeable scholars who knew film history,
theory, and were fans
They eventually changed the way movies were made entirely
Classical Hollywood-era had been torn down.
Slow narratives including youth culture became more common
Influenced by european styles
No conclusions
These filmmakers often diffused the potential to generate defence
They saw exaggeration as embarrassing and gaudy
Easy Rider
“We blew it.”
Nowhere to go, it had failed
Conservative ideas were still here
Extremely pessimistic of the American society including a deep mistrust of the state
Extremely cheap film considering its success
Large black casts
Different genres
Hollywood ruined this quickly
Making it into a trend
Capitalizing on black audience’s tastes
Borderline offensive, playing on stereotypes
Foxy Brown
Black Dynamite
Sweet Sweetback
Porn films became popular and even celebrities would watch and talk about them
Attempts to get Hollywood to fund these and make them but unsuccessful
The Opening of Misty Beethoven
Linda Lovelace in Deep Throat
The Devil in Miss Jones
Introduction of the sequel, spinoff, franchise phase
Essentially saved Hollywood
Made things more fun and less political
Hollywood realized they could remake the same movie over and over in a franchise
Star Wars
Heaven’s Gate
Made for 44mil
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