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Lecture 2

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Film Studies
Film Studies 1020E
Barbara Bruce

Week 25 – Hollywood, Race, and Gender lecture outline: - women in Hollywood – women were pivotal in the development of the film industry. Over 100 women directors in the 1920’s. o silent era – by mid 20’s, female characters were quite complex, more than just the virgin or the whore. This was the roaring 20’s, movies of breaking the law, women were smoking in public for the first time. § e.g. Lois Weber – first women to produce, direct, star in, and co-author a film in Hollywood. Controversial films (abortion, birth control, 1915 full frontal nudity, and the highest paid director at universl) o classic era – the writing in these films had to be creative to suggest things that couldn’t be openly depicted on screen. Only ONE woman director left in Hollywood at this time (Dorothy) § Motion Picture Producers and Distributors ofAmerica (MPPDA) · Hays Production Code of 1930 – following the stock market crash in 1929.After this, all films screened in the USAhad to obtain a certificate of approval before screening. nd § e.g. Ida Lupino – successful actress until 1950’s, 2 woman to be accepted into the writers guild. § end of the Code – by 1968 the code was replaced by the rating system that we still use today. o New Hollywood § e.g. Kathleen Kennedy – Spielberg’s long-time collaborator. She was unable to type, she co-founded their own company, and she is now president of lucas film. Ltd. She received death threats in the 90’s for being in the running for the head of the writers guild. - Hollywood and race o AfricanAmericans – usually play the servant, comic relief, the local colour, 1D character, or foil for the white main character.
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