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Lecture 2

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Western University
Film Studies
Film Studies 1020E
Barbara Bruce

Week 21 - Avant-Garde and Experimental Film Screenings: Un chien andalou (Buñuel and Dali, France, 1924, 35 mm, 11m, b/w, sil) Very Nice Very Nice (Lipsett, Canada, 1961, found footage, 7m, b/w) Mothlight (Brakhage, USA, 1963, 16 mm manipulated, 3 min, c, sil) Moznosti dialogu [Dimensions of Dialogue] (Švankmajer, 1983, stop-motion animation, 12m, c) Immer Zu (Geiser, 1997, animation/puppetry, 7m) The vyrotonin decision (McCormick, USA, 1999, found footage manipulated, 7m, c) Drumb and Drumber (Gondry, France, digital video, 2m, c) She Puppet (Ahwesh, USA, 2001, 15 min, c) Clips: Ghost World (Zwigoff, USA, 2001, 111m, c) Ballet méchanique (Léger, Murphy, and Antheil, France, 1924, 19m, b/w, sil) Meshes of the Afternoon (Deren and Hammid, USA, 1943, 16 mm, 14m, b/w, sil) It Wasn't Love (Benning, USA, 1992, Fisher Price Pixelvision, 20m, b/w) Alone: Life Wastes Andy Hardy (Arnold, Austria, 1998, found footage manipulated digitally, 15m, b/w) lecture outline: - introduction o terminology not in a realist style, no real plot. -because these films don’t get wide exposure, these films receive negative responses -visual poetry -these films are innovative and its difficult to understand how an audience  experimental films: • films that experiment with the film medium as a form of artistic expression. The subject matter or content, if there is any, need not be the point of experimentation.  avant-garde: • film that not only experiments with the film form as a medium, but that challenges the conventions of film content, as well Originally used to describe french painting The work is intentionally politicized.  abstract form: • "a type of filmic organization in which the parts relate to one another through the repetition and variation of such visual qualities as shape, colour, rhythm, and direction of movement" (from B&T)  associational form: • "a type of organization in which the film's parts are juxtaposed to suggest similarities, contrasts, concepts, emotions and expressive qualities" (from B&T) o general characteristics of avant-garde or experimental films  1. single artist or small group  2. financed by institutional grants, p
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