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Lecture 12

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Western University
Film Studies
Film Studies 1020E
Barbara Bruce

Week 12 - Formalism lecture outline: - films that deliberately stylize and distort the real world, reform reality, and use techniques to comment on the subject matter, we define as Formalist Ø history: formalism begins with Méliès Ø like Realism, Formalism is not an absolute – we don’t say that a film is either formalist or it’s not; rather, films range on a continuum from realism to formalism - questions to ask: Ø how does the stylistic element function in the total film? Ø how is it motivated? Ø how does it vary and develop? Ø and, how does the stylistic system relate to (interact with) the narrative system? - types of film formalism: Ø Surrealism (Un chien andalou), Dadaism (Ballet mechanique) and Cubism in France Ø Expressionism in Germany: Wiene's films and F. W. Murnau’s German films Ø Futurism in Italy Ø Constructivism in the Soviet Union
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