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Lecture 7

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Western University
Film Studies
Film Studies 1020E
Barbara Bruce

Week 06: Mobile Framing and the Long Take Lecture outline: - Mobile framing; in camera angle, height, distance, Consequence is that the filmmaker manipulates the audience to the mise en scene. - editing can shift space - Framing changes what and how you see something - Functions to render off and on screen space -camera movement is a constant change in off screen framing  types of camera movements  tilt – upwards or downwards  pan – left to right  swish pan – blurs the image because it moves so quickly  tracking (dolly or trucking) shot – travel in any direction along the ground, most controlled type of camera movement.  crane – forwards backwards side to side ect.  hand-held shot – gives a rough, jerky, bumpy, jiggly, image often used to heighten realism. • Steadicam: harness connected to cameraman shots with great smoothness despite being a handheld shot. Can also be added with a crane shot. Pay attention to spacial relationships, the terrain and how that would effect the type of camera shooting they would use. A
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