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Film Studies
Film Studies 1020E
Gregg Redner

09/29/09 Cinematography I: What is Film? • A series of individual photographs which are connected at high speed • A series of individual captured moments? • Segments of movements • According to our text, “movies connect a series of these single moments and project them in a series of movement” • “The magic of the film image comes from its power to re-create how we see the world through imagistic compositions that direct, expand, and even transform our natural vision.” The Elements of Cinematography: • Point of View – refers to the position from which a person, place or event is filmed • There are two predominant POVS 1. Objective POV – Does not reflect the view of any diegetic character, but rather the impersonal view of the apparatus 2. Subjective POV – we see the image as if through the eyes of a particular character • POVs can be either 1. Discontinuous or 2. Continuous • The subject of the camera’s gaze is the shot’s focus • The focus of the shot can be discontinuous or continuous The four Attributes of the Shot: 1. Framing 2. Depth of the field (focu
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