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Western University
Film Studies
Film Studies 1020E
Gregg Redner

01/26/10 The Hollywood Studio system: The Studio System: - The studio system is a vertically integrated approach to filmmaking Vertical integration means that a studio controls the modes of production, distribution and exhibition The Studio System Begins: - The official date of the studio system is 1920, however vertical integration was achieved in 1917 when Adolph Zukor and Paramount Film corporation aligned with Famous Players - In order to be successful and financially independent studio it was necessary for the studio to control three elements: 1. Production 2. Distribution 3. Exhibition - Controlling production meant that studio had under contract, everyone necessary to make a film - Studio held the contractual rights to everyone from scriptwriters to actor to directors to composers - This enabled them to make whatever film they wanted without having to look outside Distribution: - The distributors job is to get the film out to the theatre - Many studios practiced what is called block booking
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