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Film Studies
Film Studies 1020E
Gregg Redner

10/06/09 Significance of Cinematography: • What do film images represent? • Are they merely passive entertainment? (depends on context – culture) • Do they tell us something beyond just what we see? • How we read a film image? Is there a vocabulary of intention? The Image as Presentation or Representation: • Images have the power to interpret facts • An image can give a fact new meaning • Film images are designed to present the visual truth of the subject, but also creates shades of meaning through its representation The Image as Presentation or Representation: • The image as presentation suggests the film communicates the details of the world realistically. It presents us with what we see in real life, even when the scenes we see are fanciful • The image can also determine the meaning of events we see through the representing power of cinematography • The way in which we frame a subject suggests meaning which goes beyond just the subject’s position in the frame • Similarly, camera angel, lighting and focus can also add additional subliminal meaning to a given image The Image as Presence and Text: • For our purposes we will identify two conventions of understanding additional imagistic value: The image as Presence: • When we identify with the idea of the image as presence we suggest the following: • A close identification with the point of view of image • A response to the image that is primarily emotional • An experience of the image as if it were a lived reality • When we read an image in this way we are participating in a tradition which celebrates the beautiful and the familiar • It is the immediacy of truth that the imag
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