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Film Studies
Film Studies 1020E
Gregg Redner

10/20/09 Significance of Editing: • Editing styles are not an arbitrary choice • The selection of a specific editing style can convey a filmic worldview • Continuity editing, can among other things convey a wish to project spatial and temporal coherence and narrative clarity • Montage an suggest an avoidance of spatial and temporal coherence at the expense of ideological statement or the creation of secondary meaning • Discontinuous editing such as jump cuts can often suggest a counterculture avoidance of the status quo How does Editing Make Meaning? • In our current society the once prevalent idea that a single image could stand as an artistic statement has been replaced by visual complexity • This can be seen in music videos, TV commercials, and in an ever increasing number of films since the 1960s • Both of these examples rely upon the rapid fire juxtaposition of images. Images which are combined using a variety of editing styles and techniques. • As a general rule our response to the film image can take on the following two route 1. As we watch a film the construction of filmic patterns (editing) causes us to experience emotions and thoughts 2. As we watch a film we are prompted to move beyond our individual perception and the limitations it brings and cases us to suspend our disbelief. (Suturing) • Example  inside text Continuity and Disjunctive Editing Styles • Since the beginning of film, continuity editing has constantly been challenged by a variety of approaches. These adversarial editing styles are known as disjunctive editing • Hollywood Continuity Editing • Continuity editing is considered the paradigm for editing by Hollywood. It Attemps to create chronological and spatial patterns which replicate reality. It mimics our perception of the world. Continuity Hollywood Continuity Editing; Systematic Approach - continuity editing effaces technique in order to clarity the narrative and its human motivation - Lighting highlights the face
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