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Film Studies
Film Studies 1020E
Gregg Redner

10/27/09 Film Sound I: • What is the importance of sound in the film experience? (Lang’s M) • How does sound convey meaning in relation to the images? • What is the function of the voice? What different functions can it have? • What principles govern the use of music? What practices? • What principles govern the use of sound effects? What practices? Film Sound: • Why do we call them motion pictures? Pictures? Movement? What is the foreground here (image is important)? History of Film Sound: • 1895 – 1927  Silent Era (Film cross borders easily) • Live music. Why? • Records • Narrators • 1927-1930 –> The beginnings of synchronized sounds. • Warner bros.- The Vitaphone System (sound-on-disk) • Fox-Movietone sound system (Sound optically recorded on film). • The Jazz Singer (1927) • 1930-1941 – Innovations in Cinema Sound: • Eisenstein, Pudovkin, and Alexandrov. • Chaplin • A cumbersome reality • The coming of cultural specificity • Multi-national versions • 19502 – Present Stereophonic to Digital: • 1950s – Stereo sounds • 1970s – Dolby and surround sound • 1990s – Digital sound (one sound family) The elements of Film Sound: • Sound can interact with the image in a variety of ways: a) It can parallel b) It can counterpoint c) It can..? • Is the sound we here in film actually happening? Footsteps in the hall... • Claudia Gorbman & Michel Chion (sound masking) Synchronous and A Synchronous Sound: • The concept comes from S
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