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Art Cinema

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Western University
Film Studies
Film Studies 1020E
Peter Brunette

Art Cinema 17 November 2011 Spectatorship and Art Cinema - difference expectations from each genre - we bring expectations to films - play with narrative - the spectator performs particular cognitive operations with are no less active for being habitual and familiar - we perform operations in our brain while we watch films (filling in the details and forming a hypothesis) i) Expectations and hypotheses in Classical Hollywood Narrative Hypothesis-Forming: - trying to guess what happens next - we are either right, or wrong - we always do that when we watch a film - based on data that pre-exist our spectatorship of the film we watch - data then interacts with material presented during the film - schemata - cues (cause and effect) Before we have seen a film: - genre - what we know about the western, for instance - stars - for example, John Wayne from Stagecoach - cinematize conventions: - artistic moments: the panoramic vistas of Monument Valley in Stagecoach - credit sequence - establishing shot ii) Defying our expectations: Art Cinema, 1950 - 1980 - art cinema is about defying our expectations - leave us wondering what will happen and why - brings a new way of seeing the world - it can be fun There are problems with the Classical Hollywood Narrative: - not real/too illusory -> realism - consoling narra
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