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Editing I

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Film Studies
Film Studies 1020E
Peter Brunette

Editing I 06 October 2011 Mise-en-scene and Editing: - Do the Right Thing - animations for the opening scene (can't be done without editing) Cinematography and Editing: - Rules of the Game - M (the image presentation) - combining shots is editing - can take you places (public to private for example) Mini Editing Quiz: - wipe, right to left (goes vertical/horizontal), Star Wars (1977) - iris out - POV, eye-line match, rhythmic editing (Bonnie and Clyde, 1967) - insert The Cut: "the break and the common border that separate two shots from two differnt pieces of film" History: Early Editing: - joined to create larger sences - trick editing Classical Editing: - feature length film - parallel editing - cuts together actions Disjunctive Editing: - Soviet era montage - editing is used poemticly - shows two different scenes, but similar 1959 onwards: - modern disjunctive editing - french new waze - a lot more cuts (shorter scenes) Elements of Editing: Key Terms: The Continuity Style: Narrative Space: - verisimilitude: the quality of having the appearance of truth - the camera shows use everything in a scene that is appropiate t
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