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Western University
Film Studies
Film Studies 1020E
Peter Brunette

Documentary 01 December 2011 - transmit information for educational reasons - comes from experts - the filmmaker must have the authority to do so - there is an analysis of reality - facts - details Documentary Organization: - show or describe experience according to a certain arrangement, logic, or order different from that of narrative organizations - from the beginning of film, it was meant to show life - show something that is real (a slice of life) - Exiting the Factory (1895), Lumiere - it is a conduct of its own product - point the camera to the action to capture it Questions: - who is speaking? who is addressing us? - about what? object? - to who is it addressed? - why? Rhetorical Positions: - articulation of attitudes and positions on the part of the film - explorative: - go out there and explore places that the audience knows little about - early films took audiences places where they have never been - interrogative: - asking questions on camera - have voice over introducing subjects - question and answer - persuasive: - try to convince the audience about certain facts - Michael Moore (persuasive) - health - gun control - reveal the problems with the USA - reflexive: - foreground its
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