Financial Modelling 2557A/B Lecture 9: Chapter 5 Lecture Part 2

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Western University
Financial Modelling
Financial Modelling 2557A/B
Xiaoming Liu

In practice, an arbitrageur has additional costs: 1. Trading fees/commissions 2. Bid-ask spreads 3. Different borrowing/lending rates 4. Possible price changes Assumptions: 1. Stock and forward have bid and ask prices 2. Interest rate for borrowing and lending are rB > rL 3. Cost of k for each transaction 4. Stock pays no dividends 5. No transaction costs at T No-Arbitrage bounds: Futures Contracts Forward Contracts Exchange Traded OTC Settled daily through market-to-market which triggers Settled at expiration interim cash payment Standardized terms - delivery dates, locations, Terms can be customized quantities Exchange clearing house is counterparty for each Counterparties are linked through a clearing member specific forward contract Highly liquid Less liquid  There are price limits on futures prices  There are position limits for spectators Margin: The deposit the broker requires with futures Margin Account: The account where the margin goes into Initial Margin: The amount first deposited Marking-to-market: At the end of of each day, the margin account is adjusted to reflect the gain/loss  If investor does not provide extra funds by specified date, broker closes out position  Investor can withdraw any funds in the margin account in excess of the initial margin Maintenance Margin: The minimum level of funds required in the margin of accou
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