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Western University
Foods and Nutrition
Foods and Nutrition 1021
Lesley Mac Askill

Food and Nutrition 1021 – Lesley Macaskill – Lecture 001 Wednesday, September 11 th Notes Office: Room 210, Ursuline Hall – Second floor. Best way to be reached is through email, goes without saying. When a time and day is indicated, the due time is 5:30pm. Some examples of how to participate: add a new idea, critiquing another posts, synthesizing several ideas, asking important questions. Thoughtful, respectful, refer to sources, contribute to enriching the discussion. Responses are always relevant, concise. In regards to comments, you can comment on the wiki pages 1 day after the assigned group's due date is. Each of the terms listed below are worth 1 mark. Organization/Layout Discussion Questions Referencing Style/Creativity/Relevance to students Spelling/Punctuation/Grammar Why do people choose the food they eat? Culture Preference Cravings Hunger Addiction Availability Look/Smell Media Nutritional Value Cost Religion Stress Time of day Comfort Peer Pressure Vegan Lifestyle Food – any substance you can consume and use to enable the body to stay alive and grow. Food has to be a source of nutrients (and other bio-active substances). It must also be culturally/socially acceptable. Nutrition – the study of: how food nourishes the body; nutrients in foods and in the body; human behaviours related to food. Nutrition is a new and emerging science. Is it easy to eat well? Not necessarily in NorthAmerica. Europe is set up better than us in that regard.Alot of it has to do with life style. Cancer is the number one killer 29.6% -- 70558 deaths Heart disease & stroke 27% (21% & 6%) -- 50,722 & 13,870 deaths Chronic respiratory 4.6% -- 10,923 deaths Nutrition Genomics The study of how individual differences in genes affect the body's response to diet and nutrition. Goal is to be able to provide individualized nutrition recommendations based on a person's genetic make-up. Diseases/conditions affected by genetic variations:type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, some cancers. What is malnutrition Deficiencies Imbalances Excess of nutrients Any of these can take a toll on health. Nutrients Chemical substances in foods Can provide energy, structure, and regulation of body processes Required for growth, maintenance and reproduction. Nutrients that must be provided in the diet because the body either cannot make them or cannot make them in sufficient quantities to satisfy our needs. Nutrients that give us energy ar
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