Foods and Nutrition 1030E Lecture Notes - French Fries

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1. BMI= (weight in pounds * 703 ) = (220*703)/69² = 32.5
height in inches²
According to Alfred’s body mass index, (BMI) Alfred is in the obesity category and therefore he is not
in the appropriate BMI range, as his BMI should be between 18.5-24.9 category. [2] The general
recommendations I would make are to increase the amount of exercise he does as it mentioned that he
isn’t very active. Another recommendation I would make would be to change up his diet in order to
reduce his calorie, and fat intake such as saturated fats, and cholesterol. I would also recommend more
physical activity daily in order to bring down his weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
2. EER (men) = [662 - (9.53*Age)] + PA*[(15.91*wt) + (5.39.6*ht)]
= [662 - (9.53*19)] + 1.11*[(15.91*99.79) + (5.39.6*1.7526)]
= [662 - (181.07)] + 1.11*[1587.66 + 945.70]
= [480.93] + 1.11*[2533.36]
= [480.93 + 2812.0296]
= 3292.96
It was mentioned before that Alfred’s daily physical activity is very low, meaning he is not very
active. According to the Canada’s food guide, males between the ages of 19 to 30 who are classified in
the low physical activity category should have the estimated energy requirement of 2700.[2] After
using the estimated energy requirement formula for males, it was calculated that Alfred’s EER is
3292.96. This number is above the required amount which is not seen as a positive thing as it can lead
to weight gain. Since the calculated number is significantly higher than the recommended number it is
proven why Alfred’s body mass index is in the obesity category, and his low physical activity rate is a
giant contributor, along with an unhealthy diet. The EER shows energy accuracy by using one’s
height, weight, and physical activity. Since Alfred’s physical activity is extremely low compared to his
weight, his calculated EER is extremely high, which can lead to severe health risks. Firstly, I
recommend a better diet without unhealthy fats, and a lower calorie intake. Secondly, I would highly
recommend increasing his physical activity rate as it is extremely low and will bring his EER number
down to more of an appropriate and suitable amount.
3. carbohydrates: 479.27 x 4 = 1917.08/ 4708.50 = 0.407 x 100% = 40.7%
fat: 245.31 x 9 = 2207.79/4708.50 = 0.469 x 100% = 46.9%
proteins: 150.43 x 4 = 601.72/4708.50 = 0.128 x 100% = 12.8%
By looking at these calculations, it is evident that according to the current DRI Acceptable
Macronutrient Distribution Ranges (AMDRs), Alfred is not meeting the requirements for
carbohydrates because a suitable range would be between 45-65%, and fat because a suitable range
would be between 20-35%. [1] Alfred is low on carbohydrates and I would recommend making
adjustments with his diet for example replacing white bed with whole wheat, and adding more grains
into his diet. His best bet is to add more whole wheat into his diet since it is a healthy source of
carbohydrates and will make an equal balance of macronutrients in his body.
Although he may be low on carbohydrates according to the AMDRs, he is extremely high on fat.
46.9% of his total calorie intake is fat, which is remarkably high. This can be seen as very negative,
and can have a lot of short term and long term side effects such as hypertension, stroke, etc. [1] I
would recommend that Alfred cut out unnecessary fats, preferably saturated fast out of his diet in
order to have a healthy fat intake ratio. According to the sheet it is evident that a lot of Alfreds diet is
composed to fried foods such as french fries, which also should be eliminated out of his diet because
not only are they unhealthy, they are a giant contributor to his fat percentage imbalance.
It seems that he is not quite in the right zone for fats and carbohydrates, although his protein intake
seems to be sufficient. According to the AMDRs he is in the proper protein intake range which is 10-
35%, and therefore his total protein intake from calories is 12.8% I would still recommend his protein
intake increase because he is very low in that category. [1] I recommend adding foods such as eggs,
fish, yogurt, etc. that are higher in protein that would benefit Alfred tremendously.
4. It is suggested that adults, should consume 38 grams of fibre a day, and by looking at the data given
it is shown that Alfred consumes about 23.64 grams of fibre daily which is less than the dietary
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