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Geography 1100

Geography 1100 Dec 4 2012 Size of Drainage Basin - Valley Side Steepness - rainfall event being generated, higher peek. Vegetation- if surfact is bear, then more water gets into the river faster. Soil Type- Forest: 80-90% of precipitation moves into the ground. Agriculture: 40-50% of precipitation moves into the ground. Suburban: 50-60% of precipitation moves into the ground. Flooding-Examplesofcauses -Climatological steady rain intense storm rapid snowmelt rain or snow ice jams hurricanes -Catastrophic earthquakes can cause flooding landslides dam failures tsunami ice dammed lakes volcanic eruptions Whatcanintensifyflooding-change in the nature of the basin such as: Topography- steep slides and slopes Vegetation- surfaces that have high amounts of vegetation hold more amounts of water Soil and geology Effects of Humans- the building of dams, bridges over dams. Every time you build a bridge overa river you make the river a litle narrower which narrows the stream which can backup water behind the bridge Shape of Basin- narrow round can effect flooding potential. When river lengths are different, wa
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