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Geography 1100 Lab 1 Due Oct 30.doc

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Western University
Geography 1100

Geography 1100 Geography 1100 Lab Introduction: 10% of final grade • • Given coordinates for cross section • Easting -> • Northing ^ using 3 digits, no decimals, using 6 digit numbers • • marked out of 100 • contour the practice data set. • contour the red river map, and the blue sea map. Contouring for each map is worth 10 marks, so 20 total. • contour the map contour island. You will be given 3 cross sections with 2 points. Find those 6 digit points on the map • 1cm=10m in y axis is the scale (height) • use graph paper 1cm by 1cm. • given data from the US, construct a map on it worth 30 marks. • in 2 paragraphs explain your state based on student number. Write a news piece on what the governor will speak to the news conference. Get point across in 30 seconds. 20 marks. Overview of Lab • 250623584 is my student number. We use the last 2 numbers, so 84. Divide that by 2. So 42 is my state number. • use 2007 data. • My state is Alabama. • Use livability index, rankings in 1997,2007 or from 97 to 07 which ever is best for your state. Contouring the maps: • A contour line goes through the number. • if the number is between 2 numbers then
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