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D.Kim Holland

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January 11, 2011 INCLASS GEOGRAPHY NOTESTHE FUTURE -Information technology related to geography -last class had a question: -video: James Burke, set tone for today…video from show called the day the universe changed Description: sun revolve around earth and vice versa would be the same. Everything our universe is is everything we know. Look @ past and how it differs than today. Every culture has a way to keep its knowledge and what it believes. On YouTube THE DAY THE UNIVERSE CHANGED -you see what your knowledge tells you are seeing -who and what you are is determined by past events, throughout life you will add to collective human knowledge -what you think the universe is, and how you react to that, depends on what you know. When the knowledge changes, for you your universe changes! -Why us? Why was is Europe that got this ball rolling? Told of the fact that we are curious, but a lot of curious groups across world. Why us? By pure accident? Certain things in place that just promoted those activities? China was exploring the Americas like the Europeans, Emperor in China retract everyone…Europe didn’t RAY KURZWEIL Description: linear vs. exponential. Room computer vs cellphone huge increase! Moore’s Law. TIM BERNERS-LEE VIDEO More info DON TAPSCOTT Description: tea with the economist, internet is global communication platform -what has these futurists been telling you? Technology allows for opportunities, ex. Laptop. The “friction of distance”-how difficult it is to get from one place to another….take energy/ability to move. Argued by some that friction of distance will be negated and become zero…..cheaper, cheaper and would make geography to make it obsolete. First class-> Geography is related to spacial differentiation. Technology has risk, it will displace people. In game of technology there will be winners and losers ex. Change in music from vinyl to cd -Do you believe them? Of those individuals, who was the most believable? James Burke? -How would geography be affected? Absolutely….will it disappear? Absolutely not. Have to look at technology and its applications. Future is in the ability to solve problem. THE THIRD WAVE Alvin Toffler WHEN WATCHING THE VIDEO LOOK FOR ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS: -What are the three waves that Toffler describes in the video? -What are the characteristics of each of those waves 1 wave- settles ancestors on land nd 2 –gave us machines and mass society rd 3 - greatest wave in human history….probably technology CHARACTERISTIC st 1 - first happened when first planted seed. 2 -industrial revolution expanded progress outward rd 3 - gigantic wave of change, machines evolving at a blinding rate. -mians first wave civilization, worked the land. Created mathematics etc. and despite being so advanced they fell apart nd 2 wave- standardization of production, but also interchanging and working parts. Standardization became a way of life. Synchronization became a way of life. Adam Smith… specialization and division of labour. “Big” is what the second wave is all about, that sheer size had to do with power. “Bigger is better”. Concept of centralization. 3 wave-no longer convinced that biggest is best. Today industrial world is in crisis. Ex. Dude in Japan
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