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Lecture 3

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Geography 1400F/G
Godwin Arku

Lecture 3: People & Spaces Bases for Interaction  Spatial interaction o The movement of people, ideas, and commodities  Factors influencing spatial interaction: 1. Complementarity  Spatial differences (ex: relationship between supply and demand)  Supply and demand >> must be existing of effective demand 2. Transferability  Exchange at acceptable costs Underlining conditions of transferability: a) Product features and values b) Distance – in time and money c) Costs of movement 3. Intervening Opportunities  Obstacles to the flow of goods, services, and people Measuring Interaction Distance Decay  Level of interaction between places is influenced by distance  How? o In terms of time o In terms of costs  That is, DD >> decline in an activity with increasing distance from point of origin  Challenge to assumptions of distance decay Why? o Due to innovation in transportation and communications o Improvement in friction of distance o i
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