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Geography 1400F/G
Anthony Weis

Geography Lecture 1Slide 1Chauvet Cave PaintingFirst known instance of human art 30000 years old in southern France It is of lions in motion This was at a time when France was much warmerSlide 2This was a period in Earth history when glaciers were advancing in Europe Last glacial maximum was 20000 years ago Considerable part of Europe was cold deserts This was a time of much lower sea levels that have exposed parts of the continental shelf and allowed for migrationSlide 3London at this time was buried under ice at least 1km This glacial maximum covered much of North America Something odd about the mapRussia North America and Greenland were attachedcontinental shelf was exposed Earth history has evolved over long periods of time Even when people were on earthSlide 4the earth is about 46 billion years old And its origins are the crystallization of dust and gases Powering the earths climate system is the sun The earths temperature is derived from the sun but also the atmosphere which surrounds us Venus and Mars temperature are partly related to how close they are to the sun The earths atmosphere is a fundamental control on temperature and climate layer of gases decides what earths temperature will be Greenhouse or Goldilocks Effectit is not too hot and not too cold We get exactly what we need It gives unique presence and life If there was no greenhouse effect scientists have said the earth would be much colder Venus is much warmer than earth because its close to the sun and a much stronger greenhouse effect It has much more carbon dioxide in its atmosphere and water vapour Venus may be a precursor for what Earth is heading for Mars is further away from sun and has a weaker greenhouse effect than the Earth and Venus Venus and Mars cant support life The Earths atmosphere allows for life on Earth The greenhouse effect is natural and has been around since the origins of lifeSlide 5Shortwave radiation gets absorbed by land and water and the rest radiates back into space warms its up Longwave radiation is bounced back to space greenhouse gases have a role in longwave radiation GHGs are basically concentrations of a few key molecules in the air atmosphere that have a role in trapping this reradiated long wave energy GHGs trap the longwave radiation energy GHG are transparent to suns energy GHGs play powerful role in trapping longwave radiation different wave lengthsinfrared wave lengths Atmospheric energy warms earth more than suns power Average global temperature 15C without atmosphere it would be 18CSlide 6Troposphere is the most important part of atmosphere very thin layer around earth which is the lowest payer Its 10km above earths surface a bit abovebelow Mt Everest Contains 80 of all GHG All the weather happens in the troposphere GHGs are denser when it is closer to the earth GHG are measured in PPM Methane and Carbon Dioxide important greenhouse gases measured in PPBSlide 7In the stratosphere there is a very important gas called Ozone has important effect on life as well Scientist can understand the GHG in PPM through time Scientist have found
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