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Western University
Geography 1400F/G
Anthony Weis

-CO2, methane and the heat trapping capacity has gone way up -above 2C is a dangerous increase in temperature (could cause catastrophic changes in some place of the world). 3-4C warming there will be no glacier left within a hundred years -how do climate scientists know we are causing climate change? There is a changing chemistry (PPM and PPB), the molecules in atmosphere of combusted fossil fuels has a unique chemical signature -Holocene relative climactic stability -climate scientists say humans are force in reshaping physical system of the earth -PPM has increased by 2 every year since the 70s -climate change – economy = fossil fuel runs society and 4/5 of net energy supply is from fossil fuels (oil, coal then natural gas). Oil makes up a third of fossil fuels used (since it powers almost all modes of transportation and coal is used for electricity -2007 and in 1990’s there was strong scientific consensus that humans are the cause for the climate change. IPCC confirms this -IPCC – a body that doesn’t do its own research (therefore the doubters can go fuck themselves…no conspiracies. Scientists around the world, environmental and academic scientists come up with theories) -the IPCC is broken down into various working groups – over years hundreds of scientists go through best scientific peered reviewed articles. They summarize these for understanding. From ocean, atmosphere, biodiversity, palaeoclimatic records -models now use a number of projections, information and other projection information to come up with the most accurate projections -Merchants of Doubt – Naomi Oreskes – shoot down skeptics -key climate skeptics – same people who fought with the big Tabaco companies -how do we decide what is a safe level of warming – 2C will cause rising sea levels that will make large coastal areas uninh
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