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Cultures and Languages

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Geography 1400F/G
Godwin Arku

Feb 06 12 Cultures and LanguagesCultural geography used to be known just as human geography but all geographies have a cultural aspectWhat Culture Is Understanding culture is necessary for examining humans in general and it is a necessary step in critical thinking reflective and reasonable Critical thinking is how one conceptualizes or philosophizes about culture Academically it will impact how one applies or approaches practices involving the concept of culture and how one makes a fair ethical interpretation of culture and cultural landscapes Academics practice and ethics are all connected when looking at cultures Definitions of Culture Culture as highbrow elite formal British Artistic and intellectual produce of the elites music art literaturehigh culture System of shared belief ex Communism religion democracy etc Capabilities and habits acquired by members of a society learned language math and other cultural capital Sign systems or codes in all human creations a series of languages such as dress codes Codes are sets of rules of guidelines for behaviour etc can change because they are human created and they are formal or informal Examples of codes are clothing food bodies body language beauty and manners and etiquette because they mark out our culture The final cultural code is landscapes because we literally learn to read interpret or decode the arrangement in space of human activities how youothers behave in certain spaces The totality of a shared learned way of lifedoing and thinking that is shared and
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