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Lecture 22

Geography 2011A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Selective Breeding, Plasmin, Monarch Butterfly

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Course Code
Geography 2011A/B
Wendy Dickinson

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GMOs (I)
Traditional Agriculture (10,000 years ago)
- Origin: People who were gathering seeds/fruits picked the bigger, tastier, and sweeter fruits and
brought them back to the camp and discarded some seeds that would have grown, so they now had a
close food source.
Traditional Agriculture started w/artificial selecting and breeding!
Selective breeding of plants and animals continued throughout history...
wild ancestors vs. crop nowadays can look very different.
3 Types of Traditional Agriculture
1) Selective use of natural variants appearig i ature or iultiated populatios ladraes
2) Controlled mating to purposel reoie desirale gees/traits fro differet parets ultiars
3) Monitored recombination by selection of specific genes or genetic markers using molecular tools for
trakig /i geoe ariatio iproed ultiars
- controlled mating but using molecular tools to provide us w/specifics as to what is happening
i the geoe to ake sure ere gettig the geoes e at.
Natural Variants landraces
Controlled Mating cultivars
Monitored Recombination improved cultivars
As we more intensely select for specific traits, we reduce the genetic diversity of our crops...
- The trade off between agricultural performance (due to selective breeding) and genetic diversity
- As we keep selectively breeding, crops lose genetic diversity. Losing genetic diversity makes system
ore ulerale to pest, disease, et. ere akig the less resiliet – when a change comes along,
these sstes at asor that hage.
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