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Leichelle Little

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Feudalism And The Crusades 1/14/2014 11:30 AM Septimania • Septimania was the western region of the Roman province of Gallia Narbonensis that passed under the control of the Visigoths in 462 • It corresponded roughly with the modern French region of Languedoc Rousillon • It passed briefly to the Moors in the eight century • By the end of the ninth century it became the Gothic march (frontier) • With the exception of the Iberian peninsula (held by Moors), all of Europe became Christian % the 9 thand 12 thcountries Cities In Medieval Europe • Empires: o Byzantine Empire o Carolinian Empire o Carolinian March (frontier) o States of the Church th Feudalism from 980 to End of 12 Century • Social Hierarchy o Kings o Lords o Knights o Vassals o Villains o Serfs Black Death from 1340 to 1374 • Killed around 50 million • Led to demographic and economic change Plague Effect • Black plague (beginning in the mid 14 thcentury) • Population decline from 79,000,000 in 1340 to as low as 55,000,000 in the year 1400 • Social unrest in Spain and Germany, restlessness in the Low Countries, and hostility in Bohemia and Hungary Antecedents of Modern Europe • By the 14 thcentury Europe was already divided into a grouping of regions • These groupings foreshadowed the later division into national states Medieval Nation’s Characteristics • Territorial frontiers • Myths of descent • Biological kinship (race) • Collective identity (flags, shields, shrines) • • Ethnic Markers • Identities persist over time • European modern nationalisms are recreations of medieval realit
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