Geography 2144A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Ipad, Baz Luhrmann, Product Market

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Week 11 Marketing 2144
How is tourism sold?
Sun, sea, sand and sex
o i.e Margaritavvile
like sense of tourism pace
o 4 “’s to aket touis
Carnival Cruise
o Fun ships
o Wh cuise caial
o ipact of iteet o aketig of touis… a cuise
company can market directly to us the consumers
hae diect to cosue aketig did’t use to eist
Cruise critic
o Give you user inputs
Talk about how marketing is part distribution (one way direct to
cosue usig the iteet…the aketig sste
Variations of 4 “’s ho aketig is delieed…
Tourism Distribution Channels
Tour Operator: packaged inclusive tours
o For mass institutionalized tourism
Retail Agent: tailored travel
Own outlet: independent travel
o Select elements
Direct sales of individual components
o All contribute (distribution methods) to tourists
Factors influencing travel agents
Destination awareness is what travel agent would offer you (have exposure to info)
Have information about where you are going
find more resources at
find more resources at
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