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Geography 2144A/B
L.Graham Smith

Geography 2144G Monday January 13 Week 2 – The Visitor Are all tourists the same? What are some of the key similarities and differences between us as tourists? Examples: • Chav tourists – someone who dresses in athletic gear but doesn’t actually perform a sport (like trailer trash) o Some companies advertise vacations that are Chav free o The wealthy have always travelled, but now travel has become cheap enough that everyone travels – there are some places you would like to go where the people you travel with are like you o There are things more than social class or income that differentiate us as travellers o We tend to gravitate towards certain activities that other people like us like (communities) o You should know what kind of a tourist you are and who you like to travel with so that you enjoy the experience • National Lampoon’s Vacation o Family road trips were a popular form of travel o The trip goes from being an adventure to a quest – somewhere along the way the fun got sucked out of the trip o The roller coaster that they go on at the end is a metaphor for the family road trip – the family trip is full of ups and downs o The contemporary family doesn’t usually take a road trip anymore – they fly somewhere o Initially, we all traveled in the confines of our own family – your tourism personality was confined and limited by the rules and conventions of your own family  Someone in the family sets the rules of what you’re going to do, someone’s the peace maker, and someone’s the whiner o Family trips have a dynamic to them – it creates lifetime memories  Within that family context, who we really are as a tourist never really gets expressed • My Life in Ruins (film) o Georgia had a passion for Greece and studied classical studies in university. She became a tour guide and wanted to share her passion of Greece. The only problem was that the people who went on tour buses were not passionate the same way she was, or else they wouldn’t be on a tour bus (they don’t know anything and are looking for someone to tell them). • In Bruges (film) o Colin Farrell is a hit man who shoots a priest, and the bullet goes through the priest and kills a small boy. For that, he has to be taken out (because even hit men can’t kill children). His boss gives him two weeks to go to Bruges for vacation before he is killed, but Colin Farrell doesn’t think Bruges is a great place to be. The boss thinks that Bruges is a beautiful treat, but Colin Farrell thinks he’d rather be dead than travel in Bruges. We are not all the same tourist. The Classification of Tourists (after Cohen) Institutionalized Tourism Non-institutionalized Tourism Organized Mass Tourist Explorer • Least adventurous • Makes their own travel and • Predefined, purchased and accommodation arrangements packaged holiday • Attempts to get off the beaten track • Remain within a tourist bubble, and experience new spaces and distinct from the host community places and defined by the resort complex • Comfortable tourist • Use the itinerary fixed by the tour accommodations used and lifestyle operators and trips out of the is retained complex are organized tours • Travel is motivated by a desire for • Make few decision about their authenticity tempered by holiday consideration for personal safety • This is the most common kind of tourist Drifter • They are not really looking to • Scorns the tourist bubble expand their horizons • Shuns contact with tourists and • eg. bring your own ketchup mass tourism (they want to be the only tourist and mix with the locals) Individual Mass Tourist • Seeks authentic identification with • Also uses facilities made available the host community, often by by tour operators but exercises working or volunteering greater control over their own • Tendency to mix with disadvantaged itinerary and/or marginalized socio-economic • Resort or hotel serves as a base groups while you go out for day trips • Actively seeks new destinations and • Arranges private tours or hires a car is prepared to take risks in for trips experiencing new cultures, spaces, and places The Leisure Paradox: Time vs. money • The point in your life when you have the most money is not when you have a lot of time • As a young teenager you have lots of time, but you have no money (or no means to drive or get anywhere) • When you’re in university you have time, but not a lot of money • When you graduate, you get a job, then get married, then have kids (and you have no time) • When your kids leave, you have money, but not a lot of time Plog’s Classification of Tourists • Allocentric Type – very adventurous o The drifter/explorer type o eg. Beijing, Lima, St. Petersburg • Mid-Centric Type o eg. Los Angeles, Paris, Stockholm, Barbados, Varadero, Tahiti • Psycho-Centric Type – more conservative o Safety is a concern o eg. Las Vegas, Orlando, Bahamas, Punta Cana, Cancun, London Gateway Cities • The #1 tourist destination in North America is Orlando o Disney taps into your inner child (you can re-live your childhood experience and share it with your children) • Most of the people who visit Vegas are over 40 and repeat visitors o Whereas trips to Disney are usually at least a week, trips to Vegas are usually only 3 or 4 days (because the entertainment is so expensive) • People go to Denver because of the access Denver gives o You can go on daytrips out of Denver and do outdoor activities, but still go back and have the amenities you’re used to o The bi
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