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Lecture 4

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Geography 2144A/B
L.Graham Smith

Geography 2144G Monday January 27 Week 4 – Motivation Assignment • Make sure it is a PowerPoint file • Don’t embed videos or media (put a link to the video in the PowerPoint) • Use a descriptive title to distinguish your assignment • If you have a large file, try to upload it well before the deadline (when lots of people are uploading assignments and it gets slower) • Sample ‘A’Assignment: Dear Denmark • Remember to: think, reflect, create Motivation: What is our motivation to become tourists? Where do we go and why? • Why are some spaces and places attractive to some and less appealing to others? o Our motivation is either a space (generic), or a specific place that has specific meaning to you as an individual Gateways: The Numbers • 4 of the top 10 most-visited cities are in Asia o #1 is London • People aren’t motivated to go to places with active civil strife • US International Tourism o The US is the 2 most visited country in the world (#1 is France) o International tourists constitute 4% of the US tourism market  Tourism in the US is huge, but domestic (Canada is the main international market, Mexico is #2)  Canadians are 1/3 of all International tourists to the United States o Domestic tourism – people going state to state in the US o International tourism – people going country to country in Europe o The majority of overseas tourists to go New York, California, and then Florida o The #1 state for tourism in the United States is Texas (about 20 million), which is made up of domestic tourism o Tourism is in every state of the US, but it is only an industry in Orlando and Nevada • People go to France because it has culture, art, history, landscapes, beaches, food, wine, etc… • People go to Britain for the history • China is the #1 country in Asia for tourism o There are 50 million people going to China, but the majority are coming from Hong Kong and other Asian nations o The majority of these people who are Chinese but don’t live in China and are going back to visit their home country • The Caribbean Economy o There is a difference between the people who go for a week or two and the cruise passengers who only stay one day o Cancun is full of college students, Americans go to the Dominican, Canadians tend to go to Cuba o The impact of 1 million people in a Caribbean is larger than even bigger numbers in the US markets • Airports o The #1 airport in the world is Atlanta (it isn’t a major tourist destination, but a hub to get to other places) o Increasingly, more and more airports are in the Far East o The largest market for flight is in North America  A lot of European travel is by train because they have smaller distances o East Asia is the largest growing tourist market in the world because the economies have grown so rapidly in the past 15 years • Australia o Although it is a long distance from North America, it is a tourist destination for those in India and China  For them, it is closer to go to Australia than the long flight to North America Universal • Love Actually – If you want to understand humanity, go to an airport o Everyone is either going somewhere, coming from somewhere, dropping someone off, or meeting someone o The universal theme for why we travel is romance (one of the most basic human instincts) o Overl
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