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Geography 2144A/B
L.Graham Smith

Geography 2144G Monday February 24 Week 7 – The Way Film: The Way • Tom’s son has died while walking along the El Camino de Santiago in Spain during a storm • He decides to travel there to bring his son’s body home • Tom was estranged from his son (Daniel) who was completing his Doctorate but dropped out of school to travel • When he gets to Spain, Tom decides to walk the El Camino de Santiago himself for Daniel • He isn’t prepared and is advised against it, but decides to do it anyway • When Tom sees a small cross made of sticks at the side of the path, he scatters some of Daniel’s ashes at the base • On the first night, he stays at a hostel, arriving after everyone has already gone to sleep o The woman at the desk tells him that she’s never walked the Camino because that she’s always been too busy, and now that she’s older, she’s too tired • He comes across Joost again (a Dutch man he met in a café), who is also walking the El Camino de Santiago to lose some weight for his brother’s third wedding o They decide to walk together for a stretch • Tom continues leaving his son’s ashes along the path of the Camino on a fence post, at a grave site, some stones… • When he stops for a meal with some Europeans, Tom meets a Canadian named Sarah o Sarah is a smoker and is trying to quit by the end of her pilgrimage o She asks him what he’s running away from and assumes that he still can’t live without technology (laptop, cell phone, iPod), but Tom says that he doesn’t have any of it and doesn’t tell her what he’s running away from o When they say goodbye in the morning, they both reveal that they have a cell phone and Sarah has an iPod (they both still can’t completely disconnect) • Tom loses his backpack after it falls over the bridge into the river, but he swims out to get it – it is everything he has (including his son’s ashes) • After he thought he had said goodbye to Joost, he spots Tom while sitting outside at a restaurant and calls him over • Joost joins Tom on his walk, and they run into Sarah, continuing on together • They run into a group and Tom talks to Frank, a priest from New York o Frank gives him a rosary • Tom, Joost, and Sarah meet Jack, an eccentric man from Ireland, when he almost hits them with a stick he threw in the air o Jack is a writer, walking the Camino to try to get rid of his writer’s block o Everyone has a different reason for walking the Camino, usually for religious or cultural reasons o Although Tom and Sarah don’t know what to think of Jack, Joost agrees to
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