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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 & 8 - Time & Opportunity and Tourism as a Business.docx

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L.Graham Smith

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EXAM  Questions on The Way as a Tourism Metaphor, and Guest Lecture Lecture 7 & 8 – Time and Opportunity & Tourism as a Business The Way: as Metaphor - Watch the film the Way - Compare its representation to others ex. Here and here - The Film is about o Tourism o Life Meanings o Learning o Spritual Awareness o Reflect on this ours Tourism as a Learning - We don’t choose a life we live it - Consider o The road of life o Our journey on it o Its purpose o Your purpose - The road as a metaphor o The travel vs the destination - If life is about discovery, what does tourism teach us about o Ourselves o Others o Spaces and places EXAM  Questions on The Way as a Tourism Metaphor, and Guest Lecture o The people we meet Time and Opportunity • As a tourist, what do we do while we are away? • Are there activities that cause you to become a tourist? – Take time to do things only when we are on vacation o Things/experiences that you want to share with your friends • Are there other activities you only enjoy whilst a tourist? o Example: only smoke or drink while away on vacation, sleep around, etc. o Don’t have to get up early and go to class, or go anywhere o Can drink whenever you want (like during the day) o Try new things while away  like heli-skiing/try new food, etc.  This creates a new/temporary habit o Is the person on vacation the real you, or just an exception from everyday life? o What parts are you, and what parts are you just trying out? • What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas: why? o Don’t want to share some things that happened because they were outrageous or damaging to your reputation • How does our choice of activities affect our tourist behaviour and choices? o Las Vegas to the full: The Hangover  There are things that happen while you are gone that you are happy if no one else finds out about  you don’t to share these things o Surfing  Want to do the most extreme of surfing  Think that there is nothing better than just surfing all the time  Activities that you are passionate about are things you want to do more and more EXAM  Questions on The Way as a Tourism Metaphor, and Guest Lecture o Powder Skiing  Fresh powder, sunny day, cool breeze, floating down the hill – perfect feeling 
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