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Lecture 6

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L.Graham Smith

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Lecture #6 – Infrastructure Accommodation  Mix o For different types of tourists who have different wants/needs o Value vs luxury, single vs with family, etc. o Chains give reassurance for service, features, cost, etc. (Hyatt, Marriot)  Capacity o Know how busy the location is based on the time of year – effects availability  Location o Pay more to stay on site somewhere like Disney than off site o Perks come with staying on site – ex. Disney character have breaky with you  Character o Locally owned establishments provide authenticity o Why chains? – and element of reassurance of quality, commonality o Raising standards to meet the standards of tourists  Target demographic o Who do you want to stay at your establishment?  families, youths, seniors, etc. o Put people into different categories based on traits, needs, lifestyle  Orlando, Florida March 2009 Transportation st  Rail (1 form of transportation) o Tourism centred around the railway – gets you to destination quickly o Opened the country up o Rails to trails o Those no longer in use now become snowshoeing trails, snowmobile trails, walking trails, etc. because they connect places  Road o Highways: interstates, motorways  Hotels, motels, etc. built on the road for people to stop and say o Scenic drives  Like to travel old routes  take their time and enjoy the scenery  Air o Network of places o Hubs – work w
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