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Lecture 4

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Western University
Geography 2144A/B
L.Graham Smith

Week 4: Motivation • What motivates us to go where we go and why? o Element of romance, something we want to experience more of o To connect with people • Why are some spaces and places attractive to some and less appealing to others? o Personal preferences, ex. Food, location, experience o Space  a golf course, beach, is a space o Place  A destination  Pebble Beach, St. Andrews golf courses • What are the most popular tourist destinations? Why? o • World tourism rankings 2010 o • Travel trends for 2012 o World's most visited countries, according to statistics compiled by the United Nations World Tourism Organization  1. France  2. United States  3. China  4. Spain  5. Italy  6. United Kingdom  7. Turkey  8. Germany  9. Malaysia  10. Mexico • 2012 trends – Uganda, Burma, Ukraine, Jordan, Denmark, Switzerland, Taiwan, Cuba • Are you looking to go to places off the beaten path, or popular destinations • There are such a variety of things do to in France, this is why is so popular because it appeals to such a wide spectrum of people with different interests • Universal o Love Actually o People travel during the holidays to connect back with family (Christmas & Thanksgiving) o Their motivation to travel is to find romance, and connect with people o Motivation
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