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Geography 2144A/B
L.Graham Smith

Geography 2144G Monday February 24 Week 8 – Activities Exam: Sunday April 27 • The take-home exam is issued on the last class and will be due one week after that • There are no office hours in April (after classes are finished) Time and Opportunity • What prevents us from going more place and doing more things is time and opportunity • As a tourist, what do we do while we are away? • Are there activities that cause you to become a tourist? o eg. you may go on a vacation to play golf (such as in Scotland or Hawaii) o eg. you may go to Hawaii or another island if you are a surfer • Are there other activities you only enjoy whilst a tourist? o There are things we discover about ourselves when we are on vacation o eg. swimming with stingrays, snorkeling • What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Why? o We try things when we’re on vacation that we wouldn’t otherwise do o eg. you make drink first thing in the morning (something you wouldn’t normally do) o You can do this because: what’s the worst that can happen? You usually won’t see those people again o The Hangover: Vegas allows for being able to expose yourself to the unexpected (there is experimentation and discovery of self) o If you stay within your comfort zone, it is less of a vacation than if you’re willing to go out of your comfort zone and extend (eg. bungee jumping, parasailing, horseback riding…) • How does our choice of activities affect our tourist behaviour and choices? Discussion and Reflection • List 5 activities that inspire you to travel • List 5 other activities you only enjoy on vacation • List 5 activities you have yet to try but would like to given the opportunity (eg. horseback riding on the beach, snorkeling) • Which of the gateways offer these activities? (eg. Tahiti or Fiji for surfing) o In your assignment, you could look at a specific hotel that you want to go to and give a link to it, explaining why (eg. it has a hut on the water that they bring your food and drinks to) o If you decide that you want to go to Rio de Janeiro, you would look at the type of activities they have available for you to do (surfing, Carnaval, cruises, etc…) • What differentiates one gateway from another in the provision of these activities? o eg. If you want to go on a safari, there are many choices. First you have to choose which country, then which organization, then which type of safari (there are lots of decisions to be made) • How much does your choice of activities affect your travel choices versus: o Motivation? o Life stage?  eg. skiing or surfing may suit your interests when you’re younger, but your interests change when you are ol
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