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Geography 2144G - Week 11.docx

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Geography 2144A/B
L.Graham Smith

Geography 2144G Monday March 24 Week 11 – Marketing How is Tourism sold? • Sun • Sea • Sand • Sex Tourism Distribution Channels • Tour Operator: packaged inclusive tours • Retail Agent: tailored travel • Own outlet: independent travel • Direct sales of individual components Factors Influencing Travel Agents: Many people still use travel agents, but most countries interact directly with the customer • Destination Variables: o Natural  Location  Landscape  History o Human  Culture  Transportation  Accommodation  Attractions  Activities • Agent Knowledge Variables: o Exposure to information  Marketer controlled sources  Media sources  Informal sources o Experience with destination  Personal travel  Business travel • Trip Variables: o Type of trip o Trip origin o Time of year o Transportation options o Budget and time constraints The Marketing System • In the last 5 years, the ramifications of individuals directly booking their transportation/accommodation/activities is that the marketing system also has to adjust • eg. The airline has to tell you where they fly, what times the planes leave, what the connected cities are, etc… • If you have to deal directly with the customer, you have to have a website that connects and allows for feedback The Marketing Mix • Product • Price o The value you are receiving for the price • Promotion o The cohort you’re appealing to • Place o eg. the hotels at Disney allow easy access to be at the park earlier than anywhere else, the mass chain places outside Disney are catering to those who are on more of a budget o eg. The restaurants around Disney all cater to families, the restaurants around airports cater to business travellers and those on a tight schedule How Tourism is Sold • Attractions • Motivations • Facilitated o Do people have options they can choose from? • Self-directed o Most tourism destinations allow different choices that people can choose from • Implications of the internet? o All of this has changed, and continues to change rapidly as destinations find what works • Example: Colorado o They offer a free brochure (something to put in people’s hands) o They have a state government attracting people to their state, but individual cities like Denver also have their own campaigns  Denver’s tourism website doesn’t contract, but compliments the message from the state government o In addition to the government doing advertising, the industry promotes activities that support the message the government is sending o Individual resorts such as Steamboat and Keystone sell activities (such as skiing with friends)  Though these resorts are in competition with each other, they still have the same message o The more remote you are from Denver
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