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Geography 2144A/B
L.Graham Smith

Geography 2144G Monday March 31 Week 12 – Trends and The Future of Tourism Tourism development reflects: • Natural heritage o You can reveal and develop that natural heritage • Cultural heritage • Opportunities and development Uniqueness of USA tourism • Size and diversity o The size of the market in the U.S. dwarfs everything else o It has a range in diversity (you can see multiple climates and cultures without leaving the country) • History and timing o The U.S. is a relatively new country, and the timing of prosperity after the Second World War with an explosion of tourism and the lower cost of travelling by air developed mass tourism (beyond just the elites) • Independence and self-determination o The tourists themselves define their experience o When Americans travel, they travel with the belief that they live in the best country and everyone wants to be like them (other tourists don’t have this view) • Lack of targeted government interference o The individual states do their own marketing • Overall small impact on national economy o Tourism is largely irrelevant to the national economy o Tourism has more of an impact on other country’s national economies, but is smaller than tourism in the U.S. • Omnipresent Your dream vacations: • Places (personal) • Spaces (generic) • Reflections o You needed to communicate how a certain space was your place o There are certain inferences and assumptions that are obvious to you, but not to people from the outside (it is those things that you have to explain) Changes and Impacts: What will affect the future of tourism? • Safety and security o After 9/11, air traffic dropped drastically (especially in North America), and travel in North America changed (you have to show up at the airport earlier and go through extensive security) o The Malaysian flight that went missing may affect people’s willingness to fly • Ease of travel, border issues o We only have ease of access if our passports are accepted in countries we want to visit • Freedom and mobility o We are only free to travel as long as our government issues us a passport allowing us to travel, and the visiting country allows us in o The ability to travel seamlessly depends on government controls • Tourism as a basic human right o We should worry about poverty and other rights firs
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