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L.Graham Smith

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Geography 2144G Monday April 7 Week 13 – Review and Reflection Gateways to Discovery: (everything is brought together in the exam) • Future • Your experience • Past • Text • Class Learning objectives for exam: • Understanding of self as tourist • Your personal understanding of tourism Both are a result of the insights you’ve gained from the course Command of Concepts • We give meaning and understanding to everything we experience • Our minds create a conceptualization and make inferences on the basis of it (creating further conceptualizations) • We do this automatically and routinely in a way we don’t typically recognize (we don’t realize that we are assigning meaning) • In this course, you are asked to apply concepts consciously (how it is you’re ascribing meaning, and what that meaning is) o Deliberately place experiences into categories in order to make sense of them and give them meaning • Requires: o Command of language use o Insight into social conditioning (eg. how gender might affect how you interpret things, culture)  eg. if you grew up in a way that caused you to be nervous, it may affect you as a tourist o A journey to personal freedom (away from social conditioning, prejudice, etc…)  Travel fundamentally changes us more than we change the places that we visit • We must develop the ability to distinguish the concepts and ideas implicit in our social conditioning from the concepts and ideas implicit in the natural language we speak o We aren’t given a definition of space or place because the question is what you think space and place are. • Closely examine the concepts we have personally formed as well as those into which we have been socially indoctrinated o Contrast what you knew your best tourist experience was, and what your dream tourist experience is. You are defining yourself in your experience. (In past experiences you are understanding yourself.) • Go beneath the surface o Engage your senses: look, smell, taste, hear, touch o Some people who travel fail to see because they’re not looking o You should travel differently now than you did before this course because you notice things differently …my destination was merely my excuse to take the trip. • One of the paradoxes of otherness is that in travel each conceives the other to be a foreigner • Travel is a state of mind. It has nothing to do with the distance or the exotic. It is almost entirely an inner experience. • The whole point of travel is discovery, and few experiences can match the satisfaction of such an extraordinary discovery near home. o You can experience the effects of travel from discovering new things close to home (getting out of your bubble) o eg. many people live in Toronto but don’t go up the CN tower, many people who live close by don’t visit Niagara Falls unless they’re on a class trip or with a visiting relative o Trying something different doesn’t have to be a long way away These quotes shared in class were a way to show you that statistics and facts don’t matter – the course and the exam are about your personal experience as a tourist. Theroux: Circumstances are Everything • Travel had to do with movement and truth: with trying everything, offering yourself to experience and then reporting on it • Every trip is unique o The essay you write will be different than the essay someone else writes, even if they have taken the trip with you • Every trip has a historical dimension o Everywhere changes o One of the strengths of Disney is that everything changes, but still manages to remain the same Travel is a vanishing act • It is a journey of consciously experimenting with space and time o Whe
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