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Lecture 12

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Geography 2144A/B
Terry Webb

Lecture 12 Expectations and Experiences Tourism development reflects: - Natural heritage o Develop around where you have great areas of natural beauty, scenery, churches, museums, birth place of artists, significant cultural events o Opportunities and development just because you have a nice landscape doesn’t mean you have a tourist attraction - you must provide opportunity and means of ways people can get to those locations, as well as have places to stay and access the tourist stop - Cultural heritage - Opportunities and development Uniqueness of USA tourism: - Size and diversity o The landscapes within the USA are much more diverse compared to Canada o Greater range of cultures, personality, people, etc. o USA is unmatched in terms of size and diversity  Huge physical differences, huge cultural differences across the USA o You could be a tourist, and never leave the USA  they have enough diversity in their own country - History and timing o Although there is uniqueness in size, there is an absence of history; everything has been developed in the last 100 years  new relative to churches in Europe, the great wall of china, the pyramids o North American template was laid out with people in mind  always traveling, ex. laid out in grids
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