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Lecture 9

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Geography 2144A/B
Terry Webb

Lecture 9 Impacts: Effects of Tourism Tourism has both an effect and an affect on the landscape, the host community and on visitors 1. environmental, social and/or cultural • - Using comparative examples from our collective experiences and world views, discuss: 1. Scale: Look at a national scale – what scale do we say tourism is having an impact. 2. Frequency 3. Duration – urban areas have more amenities which allows tourists to do more things and therefore want to stay longer. Depending on where your traveling to (location) differs in how long you want to stay for (e.g. Niagara falls Vs. Caribbean) 4. Probability – Environmental impact –go places and not negatively effect/impact the environment. Can it sustain the cultural intrusion that’ll be there? 5. Tractability – the ease at which something can be solved – you can predict your impact. Some things are innately easier to solve than others. E.g. World peace is not easily tractable 6. Mitigation – Creating a more useful environment
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