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Geography 2152F/G
Bharat Punjabi

Vulnerability 1252012 83500 AM What is Vulnerability y Arises from numerous factors y Addressing vulnerability must simultaneously consider multiple dimensions focusing on root causes we focus on societal aspects and not individual characteristics y Root causes o Increasing population and increasing population densities o Inadequate economic structures o Lack of leadership and political will governanceVulnerability to Disaster y Vulnerability like risk and hazard is a possible future state that implies high rick combined with an inability to cope y Timmerman viewed human vulnerability as the degree of resistance offered by a social system to the impact of a hazardous event y Depends on o Resiliencea measure of the capacity to absorb and recover from a hazardous eventCommon in LDCs where disaster is a normal part of life and group coping strategies are important o Reliabilityreflects the frequency with which protective devices against hazard failMore applicable to developed countries where technology ensures a high degree of reliability for more urban servicesPiers Blaikie y Argued that it is peoplenot systems that deal with disaster o the characteristics of a person or group in terms of their capacity to anticipate cope with resist and recover from the impact of a natural hazard y socioeconomic problems combined with insecure physical environments create a high degree of vulnerabilityMethods for Studying Disasters
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